15 Bowen Bridge Rd Building Facade Upgrade

Design, supply and installation of...

  • Double coat dulux paint system
  • Design, manufacture and replace perforated screens to existing frame
  • Design, manufacture and replace front entrance awning

Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic Centre Re-brand

Design, supply and installation of...

  • Wall Skins
  • Window Film
  • 4 metre diameter 3D Illuminated halo Lightbox
  • 2 metre routed ACM entrance sign

Marina Views Royal Pines Unit Development

Supply and installation of...

  • Double side batton screen fencing
  • Lockable glass gates
  • Hot dip galvanized stair structures
  • Fire pump tank screens
  • Drain covers
  • Stick gate frame with posts
  • Basement louvres
  • Central deck handrails with LED's
  • Carpark access handrail
  • Residential access handrail
  • Perforated carpark screens

62 Stradbroke Street

Supply and installation of...

  • Glass and aluminium system as per specifications
  • Curtain wall system glazed with 10.38 comfort plus laminate
  • Rear elevation wall in 150 x 50mm aluminium system, glazed with 6mm toughened
  • Hinged door and side light
  • 6mm Grade A vinyl back mirror to height of vanitys
  • Fins and screens to exterior of building as per specifications
  • Stainless steel handrails and glass balustrades


We love forming reliable and rewarding relationships with our clients and always strive to deliver above and beyond their expectation. We have been working with the Redcliffe Leagues Club and Dolphins Precinct for many years. This gallery provides a visual overview of a wide range of services we design, supply and install.

  • Remote activated ceiling light features 
  • Back lit signage and lightbox
  • 3D Fabricated Letters
  • Wall and ceiling self adhesive high tack vinyl graphics with canvas texture
  • Window film
  • Architectural features
  • Pylons and A-frames

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